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Ilyushin Il-28 (USSR). First flight: 8 July 1948 (WIKI)


Il-28 and Il-28U`s were built under licence as the B-228 and CB-228 which operated from 1954 until 1973. 90 Il-28s, 30 Il-28RTs and an unknown number of Il-28Us were delivered.
— Wikipedia

HARBIN H-5(CHINA ). 1963

The IL-28 became the PLAAF’s first modern bomber and a valuable asset, seeing action during the First Taiwan Crisis of 1954-55. A repair facility for the type was set up in Harbin but no manufacturing licence for the type was obtained. Hence after the rift in Sino-Soviet relations China decided to build the IL-28 without the benefit of a licence.

Production of the IL-28, which received the local designation H-5 (Hongzhaji - bomber), was logically assigned to the Harbin aircraft factory. Due to the exigencies of the ‘Cultural Revolution’ the preparations did not begin until 1963. To be perfectly honest, the Chinese did not adopt a simple copycat approach and altered the design considerably, changing 40% of the structure and systems.

Tupolev Tu-14 (USSR). First flight: 13 October 1949

a Soviet twin-turbojet light bomber derived from the Tupolev Tu-73, the failed competitor to the Ilyushin Il-28 ‘Beagle’. It was used as a torpedo bomber by the mine-torpedo regiments of Soviet Naval Aviation between 1952–59 and exported to the People’s Republic of China.
— Wikipedia