Lockheed U-2 (USA) ✈ Beriev S-13 (USSR)

Lockheed U-2 (USA). FIRST FLIGHT: AUGUST 1, 1955 (WIKI)

Beriev S-13 (USSR). Never Flew ( METAL FULL-SCALE MOCK-UP in 1961) (Source)

Right after shooting down American spy plane U-2 over Sverdlovsk city on May 1, 1960 Government ordered starting works on creation high altitude reconnaissance aircraft of U-2 type.In April 1, 1961 a metal full-scale mock-up of S-13 was built at Taganrog city production plant of Beriev Design Bureau, which normaly worked with sea plane type aircraft.Tests gave excellent results and performance of S-13 could be much better that U-2, however, government resolution from 12 May, 1962 stopped all started works on S-13.
— http://www.ussr-airspace.com/