Airco DH.9A (UK) ✈ Polikarpov R-1/R-2 (USSR)

Airco DH.9A (UK). First flight: March 1918 (WIKI)

Polikarpov R-1/R-2 (USSR). First flight: Summer 1924 (WIKI (Russian))

The Soviet Union built large numbers of an unlicensed copy of the DH.9A, the R-1. After the production of 20 DH.4 copies, followed by about 200 copies of the DH.9 powered by the Mercedes D.IV engine (also designated R-1) and a further 130 powered by the Siddeley Puma (designated R-2), a copy of the DH.9A powered by the M-5 engine, a Soviet copy of the DH.9A’s Liberty, entered production in 1924
— Wikipedia